Win Bottum-Morgan, Ph.D.

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Anais Nin

              Johann von Goethe

Behavior is the mirror in which  everyone shows themselves.


The principle activities of brains are making changes in themselves.

                         Marvin Minsky

     You are not your fault.        


I have been employed as a therapist 

for 36 years and have worked at major hospitals in both California and New York. I have been a licensed psychologist in private practice for 30 years.

I received my doctorate at the Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University in New York in 1986.

I began meditating in 1978 and have a regular sitting and retreat practice. I work to incorporate Buddhist psychology and the latest neuroscience into my practice to help clients understand themselves with compassion and to increase their options, happiness, and flexibility. As these capacities increase, we become better able to respond  to life's challenges, rather than just reacting in an

unskillful way.

Clinical Psychologist

                 "We don't see

    things as they are; we

    see things as we are.".

Our brains are in the business of constructing rather than conveying reality:

Wes Nisker