Win Bottum-Morgan, Ph.D.

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Win Bottum-Morgan, Ph.D.


The person that is most dependent on you is your future self.  We don't often think of ourselves in this way, but the decisions we make as we move through our lives affect everything that comes after. This is why it is so crucial that we treat ourselves with the same kindness and generosity which we would show to anyone we dearly love. Unfortunately, however, this kind of compassion and kindness seem to be reserved for everyone but ourselves.

Too often, the decisions we make are informed by old patterns which are mostly or completely out of awareness, and which were formed when we were quite young and had no capacity for perspective or reflection. The adaptations and interpretations we made to sometimes crazy situations and disturbed environments distorted our view of ourselves and of reality, and though they often helped us survive, they also limited us and left us without freedom to choose what is best for us in the present.

Therapy can help make a significant difference in how we treat ourselves and how we relate to others. The changes made in therapy can help us to find our way with much greater freedom, wisdom, and happiness.

Clinical Psychologist